Tougaloo College Trailblazers of Tomorrow visit nation’s capital, meet with dignitaries

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The Tougaloo College “Trailblazers of Tomorrow” students recently returned from Washington, DC where they met with Congressman Bennie G. Thompson (D-MS), a distinguished alumnus of Tougaloo College. The delegation of 33 scholars were accompanied by Attorney Julian D. Miller, assistant professor of Political Science and founder of the Reuben V. Anderson Institute for Social Justice.

The yearly trek to the nation’s capital was initiated in 2023 to further focus on criminal justice, equity, economic justice, educational equity, public health equity, and voting rights. This year’s tour included stops at Georgetown University; the White House Office of Public Engagement at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, where a few scholars had a chance meeting with VP Kamala Harris; the House Gallery, where they watched a Congressional floor debate; and the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

In 2024, 45 (one semester) internships were offered by the United States Attorney’s Office, Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus, Mississippi Court Appeals, Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project, and the Mississippi Center for Justice.

 “Our students matriculate into the prestigious law schools and graduate schools that include Harvard University, Columbia University, Tufts University, and Vanderbilt University,” commented Attorney Miller. 

The programs under the Reuben V. Anderson Institute for Social Justice are sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, Feeding America, USDA, and Judge Reuben V. Anderson is the anchor sponsor. Tougaloo College has leveraged $5.6M to conduct the initiatives of the Reuben V. Anderson Institute (RVA), along with ongoing continued solicited donations that have given RVA Institute the momentum to continue its “Trailblazers of Tomorrow” campaign to address poverty, racial and economic injustice, leadership development, advocacy, and social action. 

There are a number of initiatives under the Institute, including the Eric H. Holder Public Policy Program, Bennie G. Thompson Delta Leadership Development Program, and the Reuben V. Anderson Pre-Law Program.

Donations can be made by contacting Atty. Miller via email: and/or calling 662-402-8242. For more information, visit

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Tougaloo College Trailblazers of Tomorrow visit nation’s capital, meet with dignitaries

By Brinda Fuller Willis
April 8, 2024