Vicksburg native assumes command of Naval Consolidated Brig

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Joseph M. Brisco Jr.

JANS – Naval Consolidated Brig Charleston held a change of command ceremony onboard USS Yorktown in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, on Fri., April 26, 2024.

U.S. Navy Cmdr. Joseph M. Brisco Jr., a native of Vicksburg, MS, relieved Cmdr. Ely O. Infante, a native of East Los Angeles, California, as the Commanding Officer of Naval Consolidated Brig Charleston, S.C.

Distinguished guests, family, friends, and crew of Naval Consolidated Brig were in attendance at the ceremony presided over by RADM Michael Baze, Deputy Chief of Naval Personnel and Commander, Naval Personnel Command.

“I am both blessed and humbled by the opportunity to lead this exceptional joint service staff in one of the Navy’s most arduous and challenging missions,” said Brisco.

Cmdr. Brisco will be the 24th Commanding Officer of Naval Consolidated Brig Charleston, which includes a detachment in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Naval Consolidated Brig Charleston and its Chesapeake Detachment is a combined 900-bed military correctional facility staffed by approximately 300 civilian and military personnel and utilized by all Department of Defense components with the capability to house enemy combatants when tasked.

Prior to assuming command, Cmdr. Brisco enlisted in the Navy as an Electronics Technician in 1996 where he completed Initial Training, technical core “A” and “C” and reported on board USS John F Kennedy completing three Commander, Fifth Fleet deployments. In his follow-on tour at Naval Computers and Telecommunications Station Jacksonville, FL, he was initiated as a Navy Chief Petty Officer and earned his commission via the Limited Duty Officer Program as a Mustang Officer.

As an Officer, he served on board USS Kitty Hawk, USS John L. Hall, Navy Recruiting District Jacksonville, FL, USS Green Bay, USS Whirlwind, Naval Forces Southern Command, US Central Command, and most recently as Brig Charleston’s Executive Officer for the past 18 months. 

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Vicksburg native assumes command of Naval Consolidated Brig

By Jackson Advocate News Service
May 13, 2024