US disavows any link to failed coup: Father-son plot to overthrow Congo government hatched in USA, reports show

A May 19 attempted coup by Utah-based Congolese expatriate Christian Malanga and his son, Marcel,  to replace the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) with “New Zaire” failed miserably. Self-styled DRC “opposition leader”  Malanga, 41, living as a political refugee in Salt Lake City since 1998, was killed in the attempt to overthrow the government of Congolese President Felix Tshisekedi. The DRC president was not harmed in the coup attempt.   Malanga’s American-born son Marcel, 21, and two of the son’s white soccer teammates from high school were arrested along with the survivors of the band of about 50 armed plotters. The armed invaders were blocked by Congolese military security in their attack on the Presidential palace and government compound in the capital of Kinshasa. A third former high school soccer teammate of Marcel’s reported that he was offered $100,000 to join the coup security team, but

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JPS, JSU, ASU, Ayers, TANF, JXN Water, and the City of Jackson

Issues for which there is a need for updates, an accounting Periodically, we comment on issues that are of public concern. Sometimes they are resolved. Often, they are not, but remain under the radar. This week, we re-visit six of those issues. AYERS VS. FORDICE The Ayers Case was supposedly resolved and closed by the courts a year ago. Yet, there is confusion in some minds over the ownership of Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium and what is called the e-Center in Jackson. While many JSU supporters have come to believe that JSU owns the stadium, that is not what the language of the settlement agreement says and state officials have deliberately left the matter under the radar. On the other hand, the settlement language suggests that the former Allstate Insurance building was purchased for JSU. Yet, there is some evidence that JSU is still paying for the building. The third Ayers

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A Salute to Dr. Ivory Phillips!

Dr. Ivory Phillips has been a contributing writer to the Jackson Advocate for 42 years. He has been instrumental in highlighting issues in the Jackson community that deal with education and politics.

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