You determine the Political Future! Know where they stand; let them know where you stand

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Despite what may seem to be the future this political season, we are fortunate to have some very clear signs to follow and choices to make. What is needed is our willingness and energy to act on what is before us.

From the time of his nomination for president, the Republican Party has been the party of Donald Trump. It did not have to occur that way, but that is the reality today. At the national, state, and local levels, the party has either reflected his fateful and divisive pronouncements or remained silent before them, thereby giving consent to them. Fortunately, this has helped to draw a sharp contrast between Republicans and Democrats running at every level of government, whether it is their records or their promises.

Republicans have by and large promised, which is a real threat, (1) to put social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other such social welfare programs on the chopping block; (2) to cut taxes, as they recently did for the super-rich and large corporations, in such a manner that many public and social programs cannot be supported by the government; and (3) to outlaw abortions across the country.

When the opportunities were presented by the Democratic majorities in the House and the Senate, Republican lawmakers opposed (1) the economic recovery act following the onset of the COVID pandemic, (2) the anti-inflation act, (3) the infrastructure act, and (4) living wage proposals. 

They, likewise, refused to back (1) meaningful gun ownership legislation or (2) criminal justice reform measures. The irony in these is that Republicans pretend to be the law and order party, but counties and municipalities where they are in power have the highest crime rates and the most terrorist, hate groups.

In addition to the law-and-order façade, Republicans are now trying to run under the banner of opposing inflation, which they blame on Democratic spending policies. The truth of the matter, which they try to hide, is that a great deal of inflation is driven by price gouging by large corporations. Republicans, however, reject preventive regulations and protect these large donors from this criticism. 

The Trump-led party has (1) opposed meaningful legislation designed to slow the process of global warming and to protect the environment, displaying a wanton rejection of science and disdain for regulations already in place. Also turning their backs on many younger people, they oppose (2) the forgiveness of student loans and (3) affirmative action admission programs. 

The idea of protecting voting rights and fair elections continue to be trampled under-foot by those Republicans who are set on “making America great again” by promoting white supremacy. In order to help secure the success of their agenda, they have stacked the federal courts and will now oppose any effort to bring balance to the court system.

These have been clear ways by which one can judge the Trump-led Republicans. They are in clear contrast to the desires of the vast majority of Americans, especially those who are middle to low income. They are sure guides to know who or what you are getting if you vote for a right-wing Republican candidate. They have told you and we have warned you.

In the matter of promoting of white supremacy, it is apparent to many that America is on the verge of a fascist take-over. It is therefore up to you and all who dream of an enduring and expanding democracy to make sure that we vote during this and every other election; that we encourage others to vote, assisting them if need be; and that we do the same for people whom we know in other localities. The fascist takeover must be averted or its proponents will never leave office, claiming if they lose an election, that the election was rigged. 

 Without an all-out effort, we may be enabling the development of another Nazi Germany, apartheid South Africa, or Jim Crow America. You see where they stand. They stand for candidates who oppose working class people and their interests and who oppose the equality of racial and cultural minorities and their rights. Let them know where you stand. Take your stand in opposition to candidates who promote hatred, oppression, and forms of governing that are not in harmony with a truly multicultural, multi-racial democracy. 

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You determine the Political Future! Know where they stand; let them know where you stand

By Dr. Ivory Phillips
November 8, 2022