Working Together Jackson’s hosts August Leaders Luncheon

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JANS – Working Together Jackson’s August Leaders Luncheon was held at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church.

While there, WTJ staff continued its training series, digging more deeply into how to organize house meetings inside member institutions as well as recruiting stakeholders to work towards their institutional mission.

Some 70 community leaders reviewed the importance of Organized People and Organized Money during the meeting’s next steps session and provided the opportunity for institutions to sign up to host house meeting trainings, and events and to work on GOTV strategies. House meetings are strategy sessions held at residences or small venues.

The next 3-day Organizing Training will be January 25- 27, 2024, in Louisville, MS. 

The September Leaders Luncheon is Wednesday, Sept. 27th at New Horizon Church International at 1770 Ellis Avenue. Conversation will include the uptick of racially-motivated violence in places like Rankin County and Jacksonville and  the racially charged climate of politics. For more information, contact

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Working Together Jackson’s hosts August Leaders Luncheon

By Jackson Advocate News Service
September 18, 2023