WMPR receives National Wildlife Federation donation

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Among those pictured are (front) Simone Lightfoot (National Wildlife Federation), Sherry Jones (WMPR Program Director), Michael J. Harris (Flint Development Group); and Rep. DeKeither Stamps (host of “Reviving Mississippi Project Show.”

By Brinda Fuller Willis, PhD
Jackson Advocate Contributing Writer

WMPR 90.1 accepted a check donation from the National Wildlife Federation on Friday, July 23, 2021 at the behest of Rep. DeKeither Stamps.

Simone Lightfoot, representing the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) in Reston, Virginia, presented Sherry Jones, WMPR’s Program Director, with a $5,000 donation on behalf of the NWF to assist in their efforts to continue their work as “The Voice of the Community.” One of the station’s leading shows is the “Reviving Mississippi Project Show” which is hosted by Rep. DeKeither Stamps on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm.

Lightfoot said, “The National Wildlife Federation is happy to provide support in a substantive way with our donation to WMPR and the ‘Reviving Mississippi Project Show.’ The Federation applauds Rep. DeKeither Stamps in his efforts to inform the citizenry of Mississippi about issues of national and global concerns.”

Former City Councilman and now State Rep. DeKeither Stamps convened a group of national, local, and state leaders in Jackson, Mississippi to discuss and offer an exchange of information and ideas regarding mutual issues facing Flint, Michigan; Chicago, Illinois; Vicksburg, Mississippi; and Jackson, Mississippi. The main topics of discussion were issues concerning water and crime. Rep. Stamps was also accompanied by City of Jackson councilmen Aaron Banks and Vernon Hartley who represent South and West Jackson. Their residents have dealt with some of Jackson’s most protracted water problems before and during the pandemic including flooding, lack of water, low water pressure, and polluted and contaminated water.

Rep. Zakiya Summers (District 68/Hinds and Rankin counties) was present to offer her support and to learn from other leaders about how they are working to solve the water crisis in their city and state.

A leader with the “Black Men Society” in Jackson was on hand to offer his support, telling the group that his society helped in water distribution during the recent water crisis in Jackson.

Michael J. Harris, with the Flint Development Group, informed the crowd about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, and about innovative ways that his organization works with residents to improve and create jobs for students and young adults who can be trained to collect water samples in the areas where they live. These samples are then sent to certified Community Water Laboratories to be tested and then the Flint Development Group goes back to the people to discuss the results and help determine what the next steps should be taken to arrest what he calls the “War on Water.”

Mayor George Flaggs, Jr., of Vicksburg said, “Vicksburg has issues surrounding water and my city workers and residents are also looking at ways to address recent boil water alerts and prevention of issues around our water system. We can learn from places like Flint and Jackson as to how they handle their water issues because the water problem is becoming a universal problem that affects all of us.”

Ernest Coverson, Field Manager with Amnesty International/USA, was present and stated, “I am here to offer support to cities dealing with and coping with water woes because my organization works with people on the international and national level who are also tackling water issues.”

Rep. Stamps said, “We are excited to welcome and host the National Wildlife Federation in Jackson and we are ecstatic for their support and donation to WMPR 90.1.”

Sherry Jones said, “This donation from the National Wildlife Federation through the ‘Reviving Mississippi Project Show’ will help WMPR purchase new equipment and assist with operational costs at the station as we attempt to continue providing updates to residents in the City of Jackson and the surrounding areas when water issues are plaguing our cities and towns. WMPR provides crucial information to citizens alerting them where clean drinking water and non-potable water pickup sites are throughout the metropolitan cites and counties when they have no water.”

WMPR is located at 1034 James Charles Evers Circle, Jackson, Mississippi 39206. Call Sherry Jones at 601-948-5835 and Rep. DeKeither Stamps at 646-671-2229/email: dekeitherstamps@gmail.com for additional information.

Brinda Fuller Willis, Ph.D. is a freelance writer for the Jackson Advocate Newspaper since 2001. She is an Independent Consultant, Advice Columnist, Keynote Speaker, ADA Specialist, Grant Writer, and winner of the 2019 Mississippi Humanities Council’s Educator Award. (bfwillis1990@gmail.com/www.brindafullerwillis.com)

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WMPR receives National Wildlife Federation donation

By Jackson Advocate News Service
August 6, 2021