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High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America, 2021
Available now

Stephen Satterfield, writer and co-founder of Whetstone magazine, chronicles the roots and lineage of Black cuisine from Africa to the United States in this Netflix docuseries.

Lupin: Part 2, 2021
Available now

French actor Omar Sy plays the ever elusive Assane Diop, better known by his alias, Lupin, in this international hit. This crime drama series features espionage, conspiracy, and much more. Be sure to watch Lupin: Part 1 before diving into this action-packed sequel.

Looking Forward

Black Panthers, 1968
Available July 1

This documentary, made by Black Panter Party, follows the “Free Huey Newton” rally held while Newton was held in jail.

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What we’re watching

By Jackson Advocate News Service
July 11, 2021