Walton Elementary educator honored for act of bravery

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Chief Charles McInnis, Willie Ringo, and Dr. Errick L. Greene

JANS – Willie Ringo, a fifth grade teacher at Walton Elementary School, was commended for his recent act of bravery. His swift actions in response to a recent car accident at the school helped to save lives! Because of this, the JPS Board of Trustees, along with the Executive Director of Campus Enforcement and Emergency Management Chief Charles McInnis, and Superintendent Dr. Errick L. Greene recognized Ringo at the May 16 Board meeting for his extraordinary, life-saving efforts.

“His unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of our students exemplifies the dedication and compassion we strive to instill within our educators,” said Dr. Greene. “Mr. Ringo, your actions serve as an inspiration to us all. You have earned our admiration and forever impacted a young scholar’s life. We are deeply grateful for your selflessness, bravery, and unwavering commitment to our students’ welfare.”

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Walton Elementary educator honored for act of bravery

By Jackson Advocate News Service
May 30, 2023