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Election time is a pivotal moment in a nation’s, state’s, county’s, and/or city’s history. It’s the optimal opportunity for citizens to change the trajectory of their lives by positioning the best people in various elected positions. As the “Voice of Black Mississippians,” we do our best to listen to the community and to candidates during these times and formulate a comprehensive list that reflects those we believe will lessen our plight and lead us with integrity, foresight, and intelligence. The Jackson Advocate Editorial Board is made up of community members and leaders and has voted democratically so we can back up our decisions with data. Board members who are currently running for an elected position abstained from all JA Editorial Board endorsement activities.

None of the JA Editorial Board decisions were made lightly but the House of Representatives District 72 race is one that is the hardest to choose from in this election. Justis Gibbs is young, knowledgeable, and comes from a family of elected officials who’ve gained tremendous support and trust within the community. Citizens who want a diplomat to work for them at the state level should consider Justis Gibbs. Rukia Lumumba is a community organizer’s community organizer. She is hardworking, available, diligent, and a problem solver. She also comes from a family of trusted and committed elected officials. Citizens who want a strategist at the state capitol should vote for Rukia Lumumba. The same family sentiments stated earlier also apply to Synarus Green. He has a great temperament for working on the House floor and he’s community-minded. He would be a good choice for those who want a public policy advocate working for them. 

We hope that our election issue helps the community decide how to voice their rights at the polls on Tuesday, August 8, whether it be from our endorsements or from the answers that candidates submitted for this issue.

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By Jackson Advocate News Service
August 7, 2023