Trade group recognizes NAACP’s Amber Thomas

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Amber Thomas

JANS – Jackson native and former organizer with the MS State Conference NAACP, Amber Thomas, was recently recognized by the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc. for her professional accomplishments as senior vice president of NAACP Operations, Effectiveness and Improvements. Thomas is a graduate of Jackson State University. Her work leading the team of holistic project management and pushing NAACP’s projects forward landed her among other individuals who are excelling and shaping the world.

“Amber is a person who leaves every room she entered better than she found it. Her passion and drive for our communities is unmatched. I am proud to celebrate her in this moment,” stated Charles Taylor, executive director, MS State Conference NAACP.

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Trade group recognizes NAACP’s Amber Thomas

By Jackson Advocate News Service
October 16, 2023