To save the American dream of democracy, let’s unite as if we are the United States

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Dr. Ivory Phillips

Day-in and day-out, citizens hear news commentators talk about the danger “we are in of losing our democracy.”  It is heard so frequently until many pay it no attention anymore.  Many citizens shrug it off as just “politics as usual.”  Then there are many people who are just at a loss as to what they can do in order to help save the dream.

The January 6 Select Committee, headed by Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson, continues to expose and publicize information that reveals the danger and that can serve as a base for counter action.  Hopefully, the Justice Department is well down the road of bringing the appropriate charges against Donald Trump and all of those who conspired with him and/or followed his lead down the road of treason, sedition, and whatever other category that applies. There simply has to be effective action taken before it is too late to stop the train speeding toward permanent minority rule, permanent white supremacist, minority rule.

We have heard and agree with the ideas of getting rid of voter suppression laws, which include abolishing the Senate filibuster rule, granting statehood to Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, expanding the Supreme Court, and other such ideas as measures to help preserve the current constitutional democracy in the making.  The problem with each and every one of those ideas is that they depend upon progressives having control of the Senate and the House.  Translated politically, that means that there are four months left to get it right.

For sure, partisan electoral politics is not the only game in town.  For now, however, in order to achieve the kinds of things mentioned above, it needs to be the clear focus.  Toward that end, citizens need to zero-in and take control of such local and state offices as election commissioner, secretary of state, boards of education, and governor.  Some of these offices control what is and is not taught in the educational institutions.  Several have control over the electoral process.  Aside from that, much of what goes on from day to day, as well as what is delivered to and received from the federal government, is through these local offices.  It is, therefore, crucial that these offices not be in or remain in the hands of those opposed to our best interests.  At the local level, this means that no effort should be spared in maximizing get-out-the-vote efforts.  People have to be motivated and assisted so that they come to determine their own political destiny.

At the same time, some races in other states must also become our concern.  To put it another way, in order to have the U.S. Senate and the House in progressive hands, we must become concerned about key Senate and House races in some of the other states.  For example, it is important that progressives everywhere support Catherine Masto in Nevada, Raphael Warnock in Georgia, Mark Kelly in Arizona, Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire, Val Demings in Florida, Charles Booker in Kentucky, and the Democratic Senatorial nominee in Wisconsin.  They need to be supported in order to help progressives secure control of the Senate, thereby aiding the defeat of the Senate filibuster rule, and to enhance the chances of D.C. statehood, expansion of the Supreme Court, and protection of voting rights.  It is important to support members of the House in the same way.

Many out of state candidates need and can use support in the forms of donations, phone calls, social media posts, and the like.  Their individual campaign headquarters can be contacted by either the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee at 120 Maryland Avenue, NE, Washington, D.C. 20002 or the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee at 430 S. Capitol St., SE, Washington, D.C. 20003.  They need the support for now and into the November elections.

As we see things unfold as they do; as we see the forces at the Supreme Court, in the Senate and House, and in the red states push us backwards, we are literally forced to coordinate our efforts and act as the “united” states of America.  The alternative is to sit idly by and see America become a modern Union of South Africa, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or worse. While America has not yet become the bright beacon on the hill dreamed on by many, its only chance for even approaching that is by progressive people of all stripes uniting to derail the white supremacist, minority rule train that is currently steaming down the track.

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To save the American dream of democracy, let’s unite as if we are the United States

By Dr. Ivory Phillips
July 2, 2022