The Win 

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Savannah Willis

By Savannah Willis

Gotta get rid of all these so-call “friends”

That prove to be nothing but fake I came here today

To give my heart to this stage

Fighting like crazy to free myself from this cage

I brought here with me

My baggage, fears and dreams

Determined to reach up to the heavens and grab my wings

I stand before you with more confidence than I ever had in years

Proud to say that cry baby drowned in all her tears

I’m done with the heartache

Washing my hands of all the pain

I’m finished trying to fix broken people

Now I’m grown I know I’m the only one I can change

So, you ask what’s the first revision

What’s the first step I’ll take

Get back to the basics and find the real me

Learn to face my mirror and love what I see

Brown skin, short hair, legs that go on for miles

Frail nails, no back

Still a little innocence left in my smile

That’s one of my biggest accomplishments

What the world couldn’t take, my pride

I didn’t bend

And I for d— gone sure won’t break

down in the dirt

“Friends” proclaimed my defeat

But guess what I’m resilient; bounce back and on my feet

You don’t like it? Guess what!

I could care less

It’s all about me

Time to do what’s best

So now I lay me down to sleep

I pray our Lord my soul to keep

If I should die before I wake

And open my eyes to face that gate

When St. Andrew asks of the life I lead

I’ll be able to speak the truth

Cause that’s the way I made my bed

Next step

Shoulders back, head held high when I speak

No reason to hide

Cause there’s no difference between what I say

And what you see

Gone is that little girl

Long since cast aside

No longer will my joy be stolen

No one can steal my shine

So, sound the alarm and ring the bell

Useless are the bars that surround me in your cell

Powerful are my verses that breakdown your walls and set me free

Just like Celie say, “You’ll rot in the jail you plan for me”

I’ve been through too much

Like when God called my brother and father home

Your words are ineffective

So, go get your sticks and stones

Last but not least

Give thanks to the Most High

Let Thy will be done

Learn to stop asking why

You loved me enough to forgive me all my sin

So even though the war is far from over

In Your name I claim

The Win!

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The Win 

By Jackson Advocate News Service
October 2, 2023