The ‘Smiling Bluesman’ Grady Champion hits pay dirt

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John Wallace, president of Dirt Dreams, LLC and Grady Champion, owner of Dirt Dreams, LLC, onsite at Madison County project.

Known as the “Smiling Bluesman,” from Canton, Grady Champion has broadened his interests. Since December 2022, he has been pursuing a new business venture called Dirt Dreams, LLC. 

In 2022, Champion purchased 65 acres of land in northern Madison County that he calls his Dirt Dreams – it is a futuristic investment. This land has proven to be a hidden treasure for the “Smiling Bluesman.” Recently, Dirt Dreams, LLC won its first commercial contract to sell dirt that is tested and approved by Burns Cooley Dennis, Inc. 

According to Champion, “I’ve always been an entrepreneur. Even as a teenager, I started my own business. I’ve had several conventional business endeavors as an adult that are separate from the blues music industry. Prior to the Covid-19 shutdown I revitalized Champion Family Auto Sales that has proven to be fully operational and profitable even with the restrictions that came with COVID. Additionally, I’ve invested in my own record label (DeChamp Records) and a recording studio. But now that Dirt Dreams is a reality, I have big dreams for the property in the future that will benefit the youth of my hometown and surrounding communities.

“With the Dirt Dreams, LLC I’ve developed the motto: ‘If you can dream it; we can deliver it!’

“Ret. Major General John Wallace is my partner and president of Dirt Dreams, LLC. Mr. Wallace is a longtime fellow Canton native and business consultant with whom I’ve worked on other projects outside of the music business. I look forward to Dirt Dreams, LLC having a long sustainable working relationship with Mr. Wallace because of his traits as staunch tactician, a complete the mission attitude, and a get the job done military approach to work. Even though I’m a Grammy winning songwriter and the 2010 International Blues Challenge winner, Dirt Dreams is my primary focus at present.”

On August 3, 2023, Dirt Dreams, LLC delivered and fulfilled its first commercially contracted load of dirt as a fully operational entity. 

For additional information, and to make your dirt dreams come true, call Grady Champion at 601-750-9800 and/or email:

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The ‘Smiling Bluesman’ Grady Champion hits pay dirt

By Brinda Fuller Willis
September 5, 2023