The brain now

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Publisher’s Note: The Jackson Advocate is pleased to announce that former U.S. Congressman Chaka Fattah will be sharing with our readers his extensive knowledge of brain science and brain health. While serving as Philadelphia’s congressional representative, he launched the Fattah Neuroscience Initiative. He also secured bipartisan support for the U.S. Brain Initiative which is a public-private collaboration designed to enhance our understanding of the brain.

Well over 50 million Americans suffer today from brain illnesses. As Professor Alfred K. Njamnshi teaches: “If the brain doesn’t work. The rest doesn’t matter.”

Brain health treatments, particularly in this new reality of co-existing with COVID-19, are in constant flux and discovery.   

One thing is certain. This pandemic will continue to expand government health budgets and potential research collaborations – impacting health providers’ moral obligations to adequately serve patients living with COVID-19, as well as serving patients with non-COVID brain-related diseases, disorders, and injuries. 

During the coming months, this column will provide a platform to dispel the mystery of the brain by sharing information that we all can comprehend and use without needing a science or medical degree to understand. 

I will highlight innovations in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries affecting brain cognition, as well as cutting-edge research and technology in the field.    For those wanting more detailed technical information, please visit my website at

This column also will identify impact players, professionals, organizations, and institutions working to respond to brain-related challenges.  

These individuals and their initiatives need additional government and private funding support.  I will continue to be a vocal champion for the valiant efforts of our health providers working throughout our nation and the world. 

As we go forward, I encourage readers to submit questions and share personal experiences that will add to a productive dialogue regarding brain science and brain health.  

Welcome to the first monthly column focusing on brain science and brain health. I look forward to interacting with Jackson Advocate readers about this enormously important topic. 

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The brain now

By Chaka Fattah
January 11, 2022