The Bean Path celebrates 3rd anniversary

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The Bean Path, a tech non-profit focused on increasing tech literacy, celebrated its 3rd anniversary with an outside celebration that included music, free giveaways, and refreshments.

The Bean Path was founded in 2018 by Nashlie Sephus, a Jackson native and product of Jackson Public Schools. Their motto: “cultivate to sprout, determine your route,” hones in on a three-prong strategy – help individuals (particularly those in underserved communities) on a wide-range of technology issues; teach kids to code; and make strategic grants to local organizations and students to help them overcome technology hurdles.

Sephus says her goal has always been to expose her community to the world of tech.

“I thought, ‘people are already sitting down with me talking about these things. How could we do this on a much larger scale? How could I do this at home?’” she said.

In September of 2020, Sephus became the owner and developer of the Jackson Tech District. The development sits on 12 acres of land in downtown Jackson that once housed the Jackson Paper Company. Once completed, it will host tech trainings and workforce/economic development workshops.

“We’ll have housing. We’ll have an innovation station at the old Jackson Paper Company building,” Sephus said. “This is a two-year, $25 million project and we’re looking forward to bringing not just tech events and tech buildings, but also housing, restaurants, and things that you can bring the family out to do.”

All proceeds from the anniversary event will go towards renovations on their new property.

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The Bean Path celebrates 3rd anniversary

By Jackson Advocate News Service
December 1, 2021