Students host inaugural book discussion

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Avid readers Elizabeth Stallworth and Jolie Stallworth recently hosted a book club discussion on Alice Walker’s “In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens.” The twins are ninth-grade students at the Tougaloo College Early College High School program.

JANS – Ninth-grade students and literary enthusiasts Elizabeth Stallworth and Jolie Stallworth recently hosted their inaugural book club discussion at Word and Worship Church on Saturday, Jan. 27, 2024. The twin sisters led an impactful dialogue, delving into the profound themes of Alice Walker’s acclaimed work, “In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens.”

Fueled by their genuine love for literature, the Stallworth sisters initiated the book club to share their passion for reading and engage in enlightening discussions with fellow book enthusiasts. Jolie expressed, “We created the book club because we love reading books and discussing what we’ve learned with others.” Elizabeth said, “The book discussion was designed to be a safe place for the community to share their ideas and learn from one another.”

The interactive session featured an exchange of ideas as attendees delved into the depths of Walker’s womanist theories and explored the rich tapestry of themes woven into her literary masterpiece. Jolie shared, “We selected this book because we love Walker’s passion for Black women. While reading this book, we gained a lot of knowledge about life and people. Elizabeth said, “It was my vision for us to gain confidence, laugh, and for the participants to share their stories and ideas.” 

The Stallworths, who are students in the JPS-Tougaloo College Early High School program, expressed their admiration for authors Angie Thomas and James Baldwin.  Jolie said, “Thomas is my favorite because her story is about girls like me.” Elizabeth added, “Baldwin is very deep and transparent about the struggles of our people.

The next book club discussion is at 2 p.m., February 24, 2024, at Word and Worship Church and will feature Colson Whitehead’s, “The Nickel Boys”. Refreshments will be served. 

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Students host inaugural book discussion

By Jackson Advocate News Service
February 12, 2024