Soul City Cycling: Much more than just a bike ride

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Major Taylor Cycling Club (SCC-MTCC) launched August 2021, and currently has 90 members. The founders of the club met during the COVID pandemic, when cycling became a healthy outlet for various lockdowns.  Most of the founders were experienced cyclists, however, the new popularity of cycling allowed us to cross paths on the roads.  Later during the launch of the club, I began saying, “Keep pushing those pedals, we’ll see you on the road soon” which signified how we all met.  We are part of the Major Taylor International Cycling Alliance Group and we’re affiliated with the Major Taylor Association (  In 2022, we will lead various training seminars for our members including paceline training, basic bicycle maintenance, flat tire repair training, and bicycle safety training.  In 2023, we plan to host a public cycling event (SCC Summer Sizzler) in Clinton, MS, July 15th.  Information about the event can be found on our website or on our registration page

The mission of SCC-MTCC is to promote good health through cycling while fostering diversity, unity, and camaraderie among cyclists within our communities.  By coming together as a club, we’ve been able to create an avenue for anyone interested in cycling to connect with our cycling family for support.  We’ve built meaningful relationships through cycling as well as partnerships with local businesses that support our vision to bring diversity to the cycling community.  Most importantly, we’re promoting good health through a low impact, high intensity workout that helps maintain heart and mental health.

The SCC-MTCC is dedicated to making each ride safe, fun, and a learning experience. We do this to honor Marshall “Major” Taylor, who on August 10, 1899, won the world 1-mile championship in Montreal to become the second black world champion athlete, following boxer George Dixon. Continuing his winning tradition, Major Taylor went on to win the American sprint championship in September 1900.

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Soul City Cycling: Much more than just a bike ride

By Jackson Advocate News Service
June 5, 2023