Shared Health provides turkeys during Macon holiday food drive

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JANS – Shared Health provided 400 turkeys and reusable bags to families for the Thanksgiving holiday in the city of Macon.

“Yesterday [November 13] was incredible in many aspects,” said event organizer, Bishop Hedgemon of Freedom Rock Cathedral. “Many families were impacted with kindness and care in a concerted effort.  A special thanks to Shared Health and Senator Rod Hickman.”

Representatives from Shared Health attended the turkey drive to help distribute turkeys and canned goods to 400 families.

“As the holiday season approaches, it’s a time of joy for most,” said John Cole, chief executive officer of Shared Health. “Yet, we recognize that not everyone can afford a traditional Thanksgiving meal for themselves or their families. Our partnership with the City of Macon strives to bring the spirit of the season to seniors and their families, ensuring they can share in these special moments with their loved ones.”

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Shared Health provides turkeys during Macon holiday food drive

By Jackson Advocate News Service
November 27, 2023