Rep. Holloway re-elected to powerful Rules Committee

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Rep. Greg Holloway

JANS – Representative Greg Holloway (D – Hazlehurst) was re-elected to the House Rules Committee on Tuesday, January 2.  This will be his fourth term serving on the powerful committee.

The House Rules Committee is made up of 11 members including Speaker of the House and the Speaker Pro Tempore.  Each of the four congressional districts in the state nominate two people to the committee, and one member is chosen at-large by the Speaker.  Rep. Holloway was chosen by the second congressional district caucus.

“I am honored to be elected to the Rules Committee again,” said Holloway. “Thank you to the members from Mississippi’s second congressional district for their confidence in me, and I will represent our district well.”

In addition to establishing House Rules, the committee drafts all resolutions that will go to the House floor and organizes the bills on the House calendar.

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Rep. Holloway re-elected to powerful Rules Committee

By Jackson Advocate News Service
January 15, 2024