Praising God through song

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The Divine Voices didn’t just happen on a whim. Founder, Lashundria Johnson says the North Mississippi gospel group grew out of a conversation she had with God in March of 2013. “I was sitting in my living room talking to the Lord and I told him I was about to step out on faith and start a gospel group. I had no idea of who was going to be a part of this group or anything…so I prayed.” Johnson said the Lord laid Eula Gamble on her heart, then Ann Gates, Maricka Shardae Moore, Datron Ware, and Jayson Hankins. Asia Johnson and Shunda Kyles joined the group in 2020. Eula Gamble is the manager of the group with Ann Morrow as its booking manager.

Johnson admits the road has not been easy for the Divine Voices. “We have had our ups and downs; family members passing and sickness. But on a positive note, we have celebrated graduations and had little Divine Voices babies added – Abby (Maricka’s daughter) and Dallas (Christopher’s son).

“So, you see, we aren’t just a group who travels to sing God’s praises, we are a family that spreads the Good News.

“We recently celebrated our 8th year anniversary. Due to covid-19, we weren’t able to host a program, but we are still thanking God for bringing us thus far.”

The Divine Voices are recognized by their community as a group of strong Black women telling their trials, tribulations, and stories through song and music. “These women are an essential part of the music society, and for obvious reasons,” commented Rev. McKinley Bogan, mentor and Pastor of East Springhill M.B. Church in Nettleton, MS. “The ladies can not only sing, but they are hard church workers, in addition to being smart, strong, determined, and overall talented.” Mrs. Mary Bogan, who often travels to hear the group perform, seconds that motion. “The Divine Voices are a one stop shop for spiritual food.”

The songs the Divine Voices promote concentrate on taking a closer walk with Jesus and growing in the faith of Christianity. “We are self-sufficient, self-motivated, and self-made women who live, love and depend on God,” said manager Eula Gamble.

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Praising God through song

By Jackson Advocate News Service
September 13, 2021