Paid 10-week course at AMR in Jackson leads to EMT career; apply by March 4

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JANS – Picture yourself or someone you know as an emergency medical technician (EMT) helping sick and injured people in an ambulance. You make a difference in others’ lives multiple times each day. AMR Central Mississippi provides the required 10 to 12 week course at no charge and pays students part-time while they are in the course. When you finish the course and become a certified EMT, a fulltime EMT job is yours at AMR with pay starting of $41,000 per year. Plus, AMR will pay your expenses to gain higher certifications and provide big raises as you move up. 

AMR calls its EMT course with pay, “Earn While You Learn” or EWYL.  AMR’s next EWYL course in Jackson starts April 22. Because screening is required, the application deadline is March 4, You must be 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED and a driver’s license, score high enough on an entrance exam, complete an interview, pass a physical fitness test and a background check, and meet a few other requirements. Experience working in a medical occupation is not required. 

After you apply, AMR will invite you to an open house on March 13 at 600 Melvin Bender Drive in Jackson, next to the medical mall. The open house includes details about AMR’s paid EMT training, an entrance exam, an individual interview, and specifics on long-term careers at AMR.

Paramedic Malcolm Robinson is AMR’s instructor for the EWYL EMT courses. The course starting in April will be the thirteenth he has taught since 2019.  Robinson said, “Our in-house course is the shortest path to EMT certification and a career in the medical transport field. No other source of EMT training in Mississippi pays students to take the course and guarantees a job to those who earn the certification. Our EMT course is the gateway to higher training with substantial pay increases at each level.” 

AMR’s course includes classroom lectures, online learning, step by step mastery of hands-on skills, and simulations of real-world situations. 

“Once you complete the course and pass a mandatory national exam, we offer you a fulltime EMT position working on our ambulances. EWYL EMT training at AMR is a golden opportunity to enter emergency medical services, a profession unlike any other in the world,” Robinson said. “It’s not a job for everyone but if you love helping people in need, it may be your calling.”

To learn more about becoming an EMT through an AMR EWYL course, contact Robinson at or 601-919-7860. 

Operating in 20 Mississippi counties, AMR companies are the state’s busiest ambulance services. 

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Paid 10-week course at AMR in Jackson leads to EMT career; apply by March 4

By Jackson Advocate News Service
March 4, 2024