OPINION: Who are we to vote for and why?

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By Jannie B. Johnson

Jackson Advocate Guest Writer

Our well-dressed, “well-meaning” candidates are trying to say something without saying anything that might offend somebody. They are trying to stand for something without taking a stand on the simple things like being honest, trustworthy, and responsible. Can we, adults and children, follow their example as they model before us what it means to be civil, good citizens, good workers, law-abiding citizens paying their bills and their fair share of taxes, too?

Are we to believe that the candidates we plan to vote for will make a good difference, why? Why should we think or believe that they have the commitment to do right and go straight in sight, out of sight, and in the cover of the night? Do we have any reports or letters of references as to their work ethics, community involvement, and domestic lives?

Helen Keller was asked, is there anything worse than being blind? She said, “Yes, having sight but NO vision.”

Are we the voters to assume that our candidates will seek divine intervention for the wisdom and vision they need to lead us in the direction we should go as a city, county, state, and nation? Why?  

What reasons are the candidates giving us the voters to believe that they have the inner strength and the moral courage to resist the temptations that will come along with their positions of trust, power, influence, and opportunity? 

In these un-certain times, we can’t afford to trust our future to a party, a candidate, or to reason and eloquence. We need statesmen and stateswomen who are able and willing to serve the public as public servants, so help them God. Now… who among us will speak that truth to the candidates… lest they forget?

Where there is NO truth, there is NO justice and NO solutions to our problems. 

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OPINION: Who are we to vote for and why?

By Jackson Advocate News Service
August 7, 2023