OPINION: The truth is often hard to swallow

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Day-in and day-out there is news of the accusations of the crimes of Donald Trump. It is unfortunate that this is not new. It was the case throughout his presidency, including the events of January 6th. It has also been true since his time out of office. 

Trump has managed to stay out of jail, one step ahead of the law. Even worse, despite his noticeably unsuccessful presidency and lack of effective policies or credible plans, he remains tied with or ahead of Joe Biden in most public opinion polls. The question in both instances is a deafening WHY? 

The reason in each instance is because many, too many people, pay little attention to the true state of national affairs. In the case of “the Make America Great Again (MAGA)” crowd, the truth is that they couldn’t care any less about his crimes, his policies, or anything else. He is their man, no matter what. Others are just asleep at the wheel. That is the truth even though it is hard to swallow, which brings us to the next truth. 

Another major reason endearing Trump to so many in the MAGA crowd and beyond, is that he champions white tribalism. He rails against all immigrants who are not from Europe. He opposes all policies and programs supporting African Americans. Trump tries to simply ignore Native Americans. Finally, he prefers to “put women back in their place.” In short, he has come out full-fledged in favor of white male supremacy and white Christian nationalism. This attracts not just traditional racists, but the extreme fringe and many mid-stream white people who merely enjoy the advantages and privilege of being in such a white America.

Many people find it hard to swallow this truth and may even try to turn their heads. Few mid-stream Americans would have predicted or admitted to the amount/strength of racism 10 years ago. Yet, there it is, and growing.

Similarly, when it comes to foreign affairs, seldom are the American people privy to what is truly happening in places like Haiti, Gaza, or even most Latin American countries. The historical backgrounds of imperialism and colonialism are generally glossed over, if not completely omitted. It is almost as if people do not know and do not want to know what’s happening globally, so long as they are not personally affected or their lifestyle altered. Black people, in particular, should be offended and want to know.

When it comes to the state, much that people know is swept under the rug. Many individuals involved in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) scandal have thus far gone free. This is particularly true of people in the highest levels of government. It is easily believable that the higher up the criminals are, the less likely are they to be charged and imprisoned.

The truth is often there, but most citizens turn their heads. The corrupt leaders and officials go on their merry way, often awaiting another opportunity.

Who takes matters to the next level when things go wrong at the local level and the inquiries of the people go unanswered? Who acts when the average citizen is ignored? Whether it is water, streets, utilities, bus service, abandoned houses, or the like? Too often these things are quietly passed over and forgotten, even during the next election cycle. Too many assume “you can’t fight city hall.” 

At every level, democracy works only if and when the people empathetically and consistently make their wishes known, which bring us to the next point. 

There is today clear and convincing evidence that America is teetering on the brink of descending into a white, minority-run autocracy. Yet, many ignore the signs and go merrily along their daily lives, perhaps believing that the worse will not come to pass in America. Nevertheless, while the truth is hard to swallow, just like Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and other civilizations, even the possibility of a multi-cultural democracy could be gone by next year. The seeds of descent are in its neo-colonialism, racism, and egotism. 

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OPINION: The truth is often hard to swallow

By Dr. Ivory Phillips
May 20, 2024