OPINION: The campaign ads sound like bullying

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By Jannie B. Johnson

Jackson Advocate Guest Writer

Hearing and seeing the campaign ads day and night, night and day sound like age-old bullying to me. They remind me of the bullying my sisters, brothers, and I endured back in the forties and fifties.

During those “pretense years” of separate but equal schools, we had to walk a mile, (5280 ft.) one way to school. That was on dry days, but on rainy/muddy days we had to walk 3 miles one way. It was on those walks we were bullied by school mates and non-school mates without any provocation on our part.

Our Dad, Herb Doctor Seth Ballard said, “Don’t fight! Folks who find reasons NOT to fight/bully are superior to those who stoop to the behavior of animals. Man the wise, the knowing man can and will find a more excellent/humane way to deal with differences and competition.” Dad never changed his command, “Don’t fight/bully!” I am of that same persuasion, today.

So… we say vote, vote! I do vote and I will vote but I do ask why. The Republican candidates say that the Democratic candidates are not qualified and they are guilty of criminal acts. The Democratic candidates say that the Republican candidates are not qualified and they are guilty of criminal acts, too.

Questions: Who are we to vote for and why? What are our choices? Do we choose between the best liars and the best bullies? In times like these, we need statesmen stateswomen who are honest, trustworthy in sight, out of sight and in the cover of the night and ready to be servants for the people, so help them God.

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OPINION: The campaign ads sound like bullying

By Jackson Advocate News Service
November 6, 2023