OPINION: The 2024 election, President Biden, and the Black vote

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By Dr. John E. Warren

San Diego Voice & Viewpoint Newspaper Publisher

It appears that as we draw closer to the 2024 Presidential Primaries, a number of Democrats are starting to talk about replacing Joe Biden and denying him a second term. The focus is around his ratings in the polls, his age, and false allegations that the country is worse off than before he was elected. 

Oh, how soon we forget. But even more important, we should not forget who made Biden president. It was the Black vote that put Biden in the White House. As a result of that vote, America has experienced unprecedented recovery economically, in healthcare, and employment and in its international status.

But now comes an election and a growing parade of Democrats now complaining about the age and support for the man who has done more for America in the last three years, than any. However, Biden has not done all he could have done for the very Black people who put him in office. He has not gone to the mat in the fight against the Filibuster in the Senate on the fight for Voting Rights legislation or the George Floyd Act. 

Now, there are questions as to whether the Black vote will be motivated to come out again for Joe Biden. There is the announcement of Professor Cornel West’s intent to run on a Libertarian slate. Hopefully, this will not steal African American votes just because he is African American. But the loss of the Black vote could open the door for a Republican return to the White House, whether or not Trump is the candidate.

Now is the time to get involved in preparation for the 2024 election. Now is the time to guard against wasting support on people who want to run for president with no program or agenda to continue or replace what President Biden has done or could still get done in a second term. The president is not too old to continue to serve. As a matter of fact, his experience is needed now more than ever before with the sea of “wannabees” with no preparation circling the White House. 

Let’s not be fooled with polls and the attacks on his age. Rather, let’s focus on what we want him to do in his second term that he didn’t complete in the first. Something to think about.

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OPINION: The 2024 election, President Biden, and the Black vote

By Jackson Advocate News Service
August 28, 2023