OPINION: Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis of Florida are real present dangers to realizing Dr. King’s dream

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By Pelvo White, Jr. 

Jackson Advocate Guest Writer

Dr. Martin Luther, King, Jr., stated that he had a dream. His dream concerned the American negro’s realization of freedom from white racial discrimination only in their dreams. 

Dr. King articulated our dream for equal treatment, and protection under the law. Dr. King communicated to the entire United States of America the dream of millions of other negro dreamers who too were being politically oppressed, and who were also suffering the ongoing indignations of racial discrimination at the hands of white Americans. 

King’s captivating dream was revealed in his speech on August 28, 1963, from a podium in Washington D.C. before an audience consisting of hundreds of thousands of fellow negro dreamers who were there in support of their shared dream.

The psychiatrist Dr. Sigmund Freud defined a dream as “a wish fulfillment”. The negro in America unfulfilled wish was then, and still is today, a dream of being treated equally under the law as defined by the United States Constitution, and its Amendments. 

The State of Florida has always been notoriously racist. Florida was one of the first States to sign the Articles of Confederation leading up to the beginning of the Civil War. 

Florida’s racism was so explicit, and deeply embedded in its white, racist culture it had to change its first racist, and insulting State song that openly referred to African slaves, and their descendants as “niggers”, and “darkies.” 

Governor Ron DeSantis, the citizen vote verified darling of Florida’s white racists, is working hard within the republican and democratic political systems to remove or hide the history of Florida’s virulent racist history.

It is no surprise that, in my opinion, a white supremacist, white privileged, Harvard University Law School educated, nihilist, existential, autocratic minded republican leader like Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis has emerged at this time to try and stop, and then eliminate the time-honored political gains made by law abiding African Americans as a result of a duly legislated Constitution of the United States of America. 

The republican controlled Florida legislature is set to consider a series of controversial bills, with a mind towards changing the laws governing immigration, LGBTQ rights, gun rights, press freedom, higher education, and transgender rights. Several of these bills are backed by DeSantis as he uses Florida politics as a launchpad for his 2024 presidential campaign.

DeSantis’ political world view is aligned with that of former president Donald John Trump, Senior. In my opinion, both Trump and DeSantis are advocates of white supremacy, white privilege, existential, nihilist, autocratic, political world views. Both have indicated through their words and deeds that white men and women should lead this nation, enjoy the privilege of having preferential treatment under the law, and have their freedoms unrestricted by federal and state regulations to include taxation.

The Republican Party has aligned itself with the political and moral visions of Trump and DeSantis. From my view, both have indicated unequivocally that they are opposed to the political, economic, and social gains made as a result of the efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Publisher’s Note: Pelvo White, Jr. is a long time resident of Florida and former candidate for Sheriff of the county in which he resides. 

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OPINION: Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis of Florida are real present dangers to realizing Dr. King’s dream

By Jackson Advocate News Service
January 15, 2024