OPINION: Letter to the Editor

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By Doris Lewis

Jackson Advocate Guest Writer

As a former resident, I am saddened for my beloved city of Jackson, MS. Let me share why:

1. Rudeness and disrespect of Councilman Hartley towards the mayor (8/15/23) at a city council meeting.

2. Removal of Councilman Hartley as airport commissioner that could be a reason for his disdain for the mayor.

3.  Eroding of tax base due to white residents and businesses leaving that is causing the mayor to scramble for money to take care of basic expenses.

4. Refusal of Councilman Hartley’s acceptance of the mayor’s explanation regarding RFPs based on a lawsuit awaiting a ruling by the court.

5. Silence regarding HB1020.

6. Silence about the hundreds of millions of dollars that the governor has kept from Jackson that is a direct cause of the city’s problems.

7. Lack of economic development in Councilman Hartley’s Ward 5.

8. Negative image of Jackson that can be a turn off to businesses and potential home buyers.

9.  More importantly, support for Waste Management over Richard’s Disposal, a Black-owned company that is doing an excellent job and for hundreds of thousands of dollars less.

10. Jackson is in a crisis.

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OPINION: Letter to the Editor

By Jackson Advocate News Service
August 28, 2023