OPINION: ‘Don’t do business in Florida!’

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Pelvo White

By Pelvo White 

Jackson Advocate Guest Writer

I am a long-time resident of Florida. I previously ran for sheriff of the county in which I reside.

I strongly encourage all individuals, businesses, and national organizations to avoid doing business in Florida because it currently is pursuing educational policies inconsistent with the promises embedded in the United States Constitution.

Florida’s Republican Party leaders, including Governor Ron DeSantis who is running for President of the USA, are advocating for the abolition of teaching African American History in the USA.

They are advancing policies specifically designed to replace the teaching of American History, which includes the teaching of African American History, with teaching the history of Western European Civilization (“WEC”). WEC history is grounded in the warped view that the USA’s population is not a global eclectic mixture of peoples, many having experienced race-based atrocities in the USA by people of European descent.  

In my view, DeSantis’ support for WEC history is based upon his words and actions showing that he espouses white supremacy, white privilege, unrestrained pursuit of profit by white people, and capitalistic exploitation of non-white peoples worldwide. His view of WEC eliminates all reference to the 400-year-long enslavement of peoples of African descent and centuries of colonization of dozens of non-European nations by the so-called “civilized Europeans”.

DeSantis is not alone in his belief that teaching American History is undesirable. The Republican Party, with millions of members nationwide, is warmly embracing the views he espouses. 

The Republican Party too seems focused on ensuring that the history taught will ensure the continuation of white supremacist, white privileged, and capitalistic policies. It appears to support a reign of autocrats to realize its policy objectives. 

Many Florida residents are opposing this Republican agenda. I am among those imploring people of good will nationwide to send strong economic messages to the Republic Party and its leaders. 

Please, don’t do business in Florida until it reverses course and again teaches American History, which includes African American History.

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OPINION: ‘Don’t do business in Florida!’

By Jackson Advocate News Service
September 25, 2023