OPINION: Continued wake up call to America

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By Dr. John E. Warren

San Diego Voice & Viewpoint Newspaper Publisher

“We The People” are losing control of America through the unchecked behavior of a number of elected officials at all levels of government who have bought the Big Lie that democracy failed with the election of President Biden and the fact that although he got seven million votes more than the former President, he didn’t win. Those who drank this Kool-Aid continue to use the Big Lie as the foundation for more lies, like voter suppression is necessary because ballot boxes are being stuffed with illegal ballots; that more guns are necessary for self protection when those espousing this theory are the very ones committing mass murders with the very automatic weapons “they” said are necessary for self protection.

As we have said before and now repeat, the solution to these problems rests in what Thomas Jefferson warned: “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Freedom.” We must not only watch, but register and vote. We can not wait until November 2024 to think about whether our vote matters.

If Black lives matter, then Black votes are critical and necessary. Every election is important from school board to city council, to state legislatures and governors and members of Congress, both in the House and the Senate.

The families of those murdered and injured in the  Tops Friendly Markets massacre in Buffalo, New York, a year ago have filed multiple wrongful death civil actions against social media, gun dealerships, and others considered influences in shaping the mind and heart of the killer. Such creative thought must be used around the country in spite of the fact that the former President has stacked the United States Supreme Court with one third of the justices expected to rule in favor of the supporters of the Big Lie on most if not all the issues which will come before them.

The solution to the Supreme Court problem is to elect members of Congress that will pass the laws necessary to overrule such court decisions. For example, to change the ruling on Roe v. Wade, Congress must simply pass a law reinstating the right to abortion as some states have done.

We must now rally on the issues of the debt ceiling so that the conservative right does not allow the collapse of the government to further justify their attack on democracy. We must insist that the issue of immigration be looked at so the much needed migrant workers for our agriculture are not caught up in the greater issue of mass immigration. We must keep our eyes on the domestic needs of this nation, such as healthcare in the midst of continued COVID, food insecurity, and homelessness at all levels. 

If we can find funds for Ukraine, then we can find funds to help the very people who elected our decisionmakers to Congress. We must not allow another Big Lie, that America is now represented by the “few” and the callus, seeking only to help themselves at the expense of all others. This is the CONTINUED WAKE UP CALL.

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OPINION: Continued wake up call to America

By Jackson Advocate News Service
June 19, 2023