North MS family duo share life experiences, health tips in new book

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By Alice Thomas-Tisdale

JA Publisher Emerita

Written in loving memory of husband and father, James Henry Neely, MD, FABULOUS Life lives up to its title of living large on relationships with family, friends, God, and country. Authors Elaine Kilgore Neely and Patricia Neely-Dorsey delve deep into stories of triumphs on all levels – personal, familial, spiritual, social, economical, cultural, and political. 

It all begins with being “Fit and Fabulous for Life.” In this chapter, the mother/daughter dynamic duo share their experiences of supporting one another in making lifestyle choices to improve their overall wellbeing. Patricia was 58 years old when she embarked on a fit and fabulous for life journey; the year was 2022. 

The book details her two-year fitness campaign as her mother’s encouraging voice resounded, “go forth and be fabulous!”

Throughout the chapter, Patricia offers exercise tips and numerous nutritional recipes. She also shares a few of her many poems to relax and comfort the reader, who no doubt contemplates joining a health club and researching plant-based diets after the first page.

Patricia was also able to offer her mother comfort when they lost their patriarch. Dr. Neely served his community in north Mississippi with distinction. He was much more than a physician; he was the voice calling for improved access to healthcare.

Mrs. Neely, a retired educator, writes: “I fully came to understand the term, ‘grieving widow’… I have learned that in most cases and especially for me, a grieving person needs someone to be there for them and by their side. Thankfully, I had that someone.”

FABULOUS Life is filled with memories Patricia’s parents made possible for her, and vice versa. Tales of school days, Christmas surprises, cotillions, her wedding, fashion extravaganzas, and much more.

Mrs. Neely and her daughter Patricia give a full account of their family’s contributions to society, especially their individual and collective roles as promoters of a positive Mississippi. 

An appropriate thank you to the Neely family for helping others experience a FABULOUS Life would be to purchase a copy of the book. For more information, or to order book, contact Patricia Neely-Dorsey at or call 901-848-6800.

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North MS family duo share life experiences, health tips in new book

By Jackson Advocate News Service
January 22, 2024