Navy retiree of 26 years starts a traveling business

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Chanda Clifton

By Elmetra Patterson

Jackson Advocate Guest Writer

Chanda Clifton of Louisville, the oldest granddaughter of the late Claudell Weaver and the daughter of the late Renee Jones, has launched a virtual travel agency, Untethered Travels LLC, after completing the award-winning Travel Leaders of Tomorrow program, a joint initiative between Travel Leaders Group and leading travel industry companies to attract new talent to the travel industry.  The award-winning program provides skills for one to become a professional travel advisor.

Clifton attended Louisville elementary, middle, and high schools, followed by a successful military career in the United States Navy. Clifton honorably retired from the military in 2021 upon completion of 26 years of service. She retired as an E8 Senior Chief Petty Officer.

Clifton believes that travel should be an extraordinary and life-changing journey, not just a vacation. “Travel is my passion and I am thrilled to be dedicating my next career to serving travelers in Winston County and surrounding areas as they seek out memorable travel experiences,” said Clifton. “As travel advisors, we care about our clients, use our expert knowledge to guide them, and find the best options based on their preferences. I will be there to assist my clients when issues beyond their control cause things to go awry.” 

The rigorous Travel Leaders of Tomorrow program that Clifton attended gives participants a mix of self-paced study and weekly virtual study groups, combined with lectures from travel industry experts. 

“Our goal is to give everyone the tools they need to become a successful independent travel agent,” said Heather Kindred, Program Director for Travel Leaders of Tomorrow. “Our graduates are fully prepared with the knowledge and the skills to professionally and successfully serve their clients.”

Untethered Travels can be reached at or 833.UN.TETHR (868.3847). To learn more about the travel services provided by Clifton, please visit

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Navy retiree of 26 years starts a traveling business

By Jackson Advocate News Service
April 14, 2024