‘My Election Day’ tool

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JANS – Secretary of State Michael Watson announces the newest elections-related resource, My Election Day, developed to improve each Mississippian’s personal election experience.

“We remain committed to educating all Mississippians on the elections process and understanding their rights as voters. Through My Election Day, a Mississippi voter will receive personalized data to ensure a smooth Election Day process from beginning to end, whether voting in-person or absentee,” said Secretary Michael Watson.

Located on the homepage of YallVote.ms, My Election Day includes two key features – an opportunity to receive election information tailored to your address and a method to track an absentee or affidavit ballot.

Upon entering a specific address, Mississippi voters can receive personalized election information, including a sample ballot specific to the address, polling place location, deadlines for upcoming elections, and a list of the current elected officials from federal down to county. A link to the Mississippi Legislature’s website containing the contact information for your state senators and representatives is also supplied.

Absentee/Affidavit ballot tracking is another feature available on My Election Day, not only as a resource for Mississippians, but as an additional election security measure. For those eligible to vote absentee or who vote by affidavit, each step of the process may be monitored from the time the application has been received to what happens with the ballot after Election Day.

As a reminder, Mississippi’s 2023 Primary Election Day is Tuesday, August 8, 2023. In order to be eligible to vote in this election, Mississippians must have been registered by July 10, 2023.

For questions, contact the Elections Division at (800) 829-6786, email ElectionsAnswers@sos.ms.gov, or visit YallVote.ms.

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‘My Election Day’ tool

By Jackson Advocate News Service
July 31, 2023