Multitude of candidates file for Hinds County offices, reflecting the health of democracy in Hinds County

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On Jan. 3, Hinds County Supervisor Robert Graham of District 1 and Hinds County Supervisor David L. Archie of District 2 officially filed for re-election as Democrats at the Hinds County Circuit Clerk’s Office.

Last week, we presented the candidates for state offices. Winners of those offices will pass and execute laws that affect the entire state. This week, we present the candidates who will pass and execute laws that are operable at the county level, such as county taxes and fees, policies for county educational and other entities, and maintaining roads and bridges. 

It is apparent that there is no shortage of takers for the positions. Running the gamut from county supervisor and sheriff to constable, there are only a few candidates who have no competitors for the position being sought. For most positions there are multiple candidates. 

As the deadline for qualifying to run came to a close, the candidates who were unopposed included: Chancery Clerk – Eddie Jean Carr; Circuit Clerk – Zack Wallace; County Attorney – Gerald Mumford; County Surveyor – Jeffrey Marvin Lewis; Justice Court Judge, District 1 – Don Palmer; Justice Court Judge, District 3 – Frank Sutton; Justice Court Judge, District 5 – Pearlie Brown Owens; Constable, District 1 – Jerry Moore; and Constable, District 4 – Leon Seals. The lack of opponents may very well reflect the kind of esteem in which those officers are held by their constituents.

On the other hand, the fact that the other incumbents have opponents does not necessarily reflect the job which they have done. What it does reflect for sure is that Hinds County fosters an environment that is a healthy democracy and offers opportunities where Black candidates can get elected. Residents of the county should be grateful and therefore respond in a like manner.

The qualified candidates for the contested offices in Hinds County are as follows.

Sheriff – Tyree Jones and Marshand Crisler as Democrats and Reginald Thigpen as an Independent

Tax Assessor – Charles Stokes and Willie “Bob” McGinnis as Democrats

Tax Collector – Eddie Fair and Timothy Lewis as Democrats

Coroner – Sharon Grisham Stewart and Lee Thompson as Democrats

Supervisor from District One – Robert Graham, Eva Crisler, and Luigia Hodge as Democrats

Supervisor from District Two – David Archie, Anthony Smith, and Darrell McQuirter as Democrats

Supervisor from District Three – Credell Calhoun, Deborah Butler Dixon, and Antonio Porter as Democrats

Supervisor from District Four – Vern Gavin, Robert Amos, Wanda Evers, James Lott, Craig Porter, and Emon Thompson as Democrats and Allison Clower Lauderdale as a Republican

Supervisor from District Five – Bobby “Bobcat” McGowan, Ashley Floyd, Freddie Schuller, Joseph Smith, and Robert Wall as Democrats and Jonathan Pond and Chris Woodard as Independents

Election Commissioner from District Two – RaToya Gilmer McGee, Richard Cook, and Bobbie McClure Graves as Democrats

Election Commissioner from District Four – Yvonne Robinson Horton and Justin Cook as Democrats

Constable for District Two – John Brown, Leon Jones, and Cedric Love as Democrats

Constable for District Three – Lawrence Funchess and Lonnie Holmes as Democrats

Constable for District Five – Beverly Wade Green and Larry White as Democrats

Justice Court Judge for District Two – Tabitha Britton Porter and Monique Montgomery

Justice Court Judge for District Four – Kenneth Lewis and Jonathan Archie

These candidates will be on the Hinds County ballot for the August 8th primaries unless there is no opponent. The winners of the primary elections and those who had no party opponents in the primaries will be on the ballot November 7th for the general elections.

We, at the Jackson Advocate, wanted you to have the names of the candidates as early as possible in order to maximize the time that you would have to exercise your democratic duties. Go out and help elect and keep the best person for each office. Monitor to keep them honest and effective. Then, there will be no need to complain in the future. 

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Multitude of candidates file for Hinds County offices, reflecting the health of democracy in Hinds County

By Dr. Ivory Phillips
March 27, 2023