Moss Point hit hard by latest round of storms

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JANS — First Missionary Baptist Church in downtown Moss Point, MS was among the numerous structures that sustained severe damage during Monday’s thunderstorms. 

“It was the meeting place for the Moss Point NAACP for more than 40 years,” said church member Curley Clark, who is also president of the Moss Point-Jackson County NAACP Branch.

Baffled by the devastation, Clark added, “We get tornadoes, but in all my years of living here, 40-plus, I’ve never seen a thunderstorm do this kind of damage.”

The MS State Conference NAACP  office is working with the American Red Cross to provide assistance for residents who acquired major damage during the June 19 storm.

For more details, please contact Curley Clark at (228) 623-2054 or (228) 762-9692, or  Gloria Millender at (228) 990-8482.

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Moss Point hit hard by latest round of storms

By Jackson Advocate News Service
June 26, 2023