MEE launches ‘The Bucket Drumming Experience’

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JANS – Now in its ninth semester of general music curricula, Musical Expressions Experience (MEE) has added a new initiative, bucket drumming. The classes are made possible through a grant by the Mississippi Arts Commission and National Endowment for the Arts.

“With a commitment to providing accessible and enriching arts experiences to the youth, this new program seeks to empower young minds through the vibrant and rhythmic world of bucket drumming. It is a simple and enjoyable instrument, and Musical Expressions Experience is excited to offer it to our youth in the Jackson, Mississippi, area and surrounding metropolitan areas,” stated FaDerricka B. Harvey, Project Director. 

“Our bucket drumming class is designed to be fully inclusive and welcoming to all children, regardless of their abilities or disabilities,” added MEE founder, Chelsea Young.

Bucket drumming is regarded as an energetic and dynamic kind of percussion that allows young people to explore their musical talents, build cooperation skills, and foster a feeling of self-expression by harnessing the power of rhythm and creativity. Fall classes will be held in the organization’s office suite on the third floor of the Jackson Medical Mall, 350 W. Woodrow Wilson Ave., Suite 3330. The program will also be offered at no cost to local organizations and school districts as an educational workshop.

In addition to the bucket drumming classes, Musical Expressions Experience will host general music courses September thru December, K-12, consisting of group and individual lessons in guitar, violin, trumpet, Alto Saxophone, piano, percussion, songwriting, and music production. 

For more information, start dates and costs of lessons, visit

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MEE launches ‘The Bucket Drumming Experience’

By Jackson Advocate News Service
September 5, 2023