Mayor Lumumba releases recommended RFP bid for garbage collection contract 

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Frustrated by no movement on waste disposal in executive session Wednesday, Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba told media he’s not certain of next steps. (Advocate photo: Joshua Martin)

(Jackson, Miss.) – In the interest of full transparency, we are releasing to the media the recommended bid for the city’s latest garbage collection RFP process. We understand this is unusual outside of the public records process, but we feel it is necessary due to the widespread interest and importance of this contract to our residents. This follows the release of this information earlier today to all council members. 

Please refer to the information and key points below: 

Two bidders: National Collection Systems, LLC. & Richard’s Disposal, Inc.

Evaluation committee recommendation: Richard’s Disposal, Inc.

RFP rating distribution:

Technical proposal – 15 percent

EBO Plan – 5 percent

Cost proposal – 80 percent

**This contract represents the best and most affordable option for our residents. 

Prospective pricing/comparison:

Twice a Week (w/cart)Twice a Week Now (Emergency w/o cart) Twice a Week (2021)Original Bid (w/cart)

Contract summary 

  1. The Contract is for a term of six years, with four options of one-year each which can be exercised by the City. Section 2
  1. Compensation under the contract is $891,000 per month, which includes the cost of purchasing and delivery of up to 45,000 carts to residents. Section 3.1
  1. Each year, the parties will meet to evaluate a monthly increase in compensation, which will be based on the Annual CPI for All Urban Consumers in the South Region. The increase shall not exceed 5%. Section 3.4
  1. Customers can use the 96-gallon Cart provided by Richard’s, or any other Approved Container.Approved Containers shall be 35 gallons or less, nonabsorbpent, leakproof, and made of material such as molded plastic or metal. Section 4.1.
  1. Richard’s will replace one lost, stolen, or damaged cart at no cost to the City or customer.Richard’s will also repair damaged carts. Section 6.8
  1. Richard’s will collect Residential Solid Waste, Yard Waste, and Bulk Waste. Section 5.1. 
  1. Regular service will be provided twice-weekly, Monday through SaturdaySection 5.2.
  1. Richard’s will additionally pick up Bulk Waste once-weekly. Section 5.3.
  1. Richard’s will also pick up Yard Waste on the second regularly-scheduled collection day each week. Yard waste must either be in an Approved Container or yard bags. Yard bags are limited to ten in number and 60 pounds in weight. Tree limbs will be collected up to four inches in diameter and up to four feet in length, so long as they are bundled. Section 5.4
  1. Richard’s will also assist with community cleanup and illegal dumping removal through quarterly pickups, providing collection bags and collecting bulk items along City roads, plus a Fall Cleanup Event, a Christmas Tree Recycling Campaign, and Spring Cleanup, and a Monthly Dumpster Day event. Section 5.6, 5.10
  1. Richard’s will additionally provide equipment and manpower to assist City employees and volunteers with cleaning up litter and dumping sites throughout the City. Section 5.6
  1. Richard’s will be required to maintain a local office, which will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., with office staff available during those hours. Section 4.

We look forward to finally moving forward with a reliable garbage contract for the City of Jackson that our residents deserve. We hope this information helps. 

Similar to past RFP processes, we will answer as many questions about the garbage collection process as possible. But we do ask residents and the media to refer to the recommended bid proposal as a firsthand source for your information. 

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By Jackson Advocate News Service
March 17, 2024