Marlee Joiner looking forward to completing high school

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(L-R) Marla Joiner (Marlee’s aunt), Ms. Brenda Joiner (Marlee’s grandmother), and Marlee Joiner celebrating Marlee’s graduation from Byram Middle School on May 24.

These days, most of us take graduating from high school for granted. For  14-year-old  Marlee Joiner, high school graduation is a milestone she is determined to achieve.

Recently, Marlee’s mother Carla passed away just as Marla was matriculating from middle school to high school. 

As a rising 9th grader, Marlee says, “I’m making good on a promise that I made to my mother before she passed away.  I’m looking forward to starting my high school journey. With the help of my grandmother Brenda Joiner and my father Rico, I will graduate from high school.   After high school, I plan to attend Belhaven College and to reach my goal of becoming a physical therapist someday.”

As an avid athlete, volleyball is Marlee’s favorite sport. She has played volleyball since grammar school. Additionally, Marlee plans on becoming a member of JROTC at Terry High School. This experience may help her pay for her college education.. 

Her hobbies include dancing, and she enjoys reading. Her favorite subject currently is English.

Marlee has traveled to several states and looks forward to international travel to places like France and Jamaica.

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Marlee Joiner looking forward to completing high school

By Jackson Advocate News Service
June 17, 2024