Letter from concerned teachers in the Jackson Public School District​

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Dr. Phillips:

We were extremely excited about your article in the Jackson Advocate, dated 7/14/2022, regarding the concerns about the Jackson Public School District becoming a Charter School District. We, as concerned educators, parents, and the public, must get involved and stop the charter schools’ takeover of the Jackson Public School District. We will make sure that our ministers take an active part in this endeavor. We would like to see a published list of the ministers that are involved and if we see that our ministers are not involved, we will express our concern to them and request that they get involved. They must get involved. We must work together to protect public education. The future of our children and grandchildren is at stake. We ask that you publish our letter so we can gain support from other educators who are not satisfied with the overall performance of the entire Jackson Public School District as it relates to the feelings about charter schools by Dr. Errick L. Greene and two school board members.

Our major concern is the lack of concern and caring from Dr. Errick L. Greene and two school board members who see nothing wrong with supporting charter schools by allowing them to secure Jackson Public School buildings to increase charter school enrollment. Common sense would tell you that you do not assist the people who are trying to destroy the Jackson Public School District.

Dr. Greene has been in Jackson for four years this coming October and if he follows the normal trend of JPS superintendents, he will be moving on within the next year. He has no real concern or care for Jackson Public Schools or the students. The district is only a stepping stone for him. As for the two board members, they could care less about the district when we see them at social gatherings with charter school representatives at various times.

We are a group of teachers within the Jackson Public School District. We must be discreet for fear of losing our jobs, but we will support your cause financially. Just publish where we can send funds to support this very worthy cause and we will send money orders as we collect funds from our members. We have retired teachers who have indicated that they are willing to volunteer as foot soldiers as well as provide monetary support. We all agree and feel that the suggested usage of the vacant JPS buildings is exactly what is needed for the students of Jackson and the entire Jackson community.

We thank you for your support and concern for our public school system and the students! We must fight to keep the school system public! The enemies of public schools will not take over Jackson Public Schools if we work together to make sure this does not occur. We must educate our people about charter schools.

Concerned teachers in the Jackson
Public School District

Editorial Note: Donations to support the cause may be sent to: Mrs. Darlene Lomax, P.O. Box 83002, Jackson, MS 39283. Nearly 50 predominately Black churches have been contacted. Members should talk with their pastor to see if he/she plans to be supportive of this endeavor.

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Letter from concerned teachers in the Jackson Public School District​

By Jackson Advocate News Service
July 28, 2022