Lee Andrew Williams

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(July 28, 1946 – August 30, 2021) was a gospel singer and the leader of Lee Williams and the Spiritual QC’s. Williams founded the Spiritual QC’s in 1968 in Tupelo, Mississippi. They performed for decades before recording their first national LP, 1996’s “Jesus Is Alive and Well.” It included the gospel hit “I’ve Learned to Lean.” Williams and the group went on to record at least a dozen more albums, and they were honored with a Soul Train Award for Best Gospel Album of the Year as well as several Stellar Awards. In 2010, they were honored with the Stellar Awards’ James Cleveland Lifetime Achievement Award. Williams led the Spiritual QCs for 50 years, until his retirement in 2018. N.L Jones Funeral Directors, Tupelo, MS (662-566-7054) are in charge of services.

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Lee Andrew Williams

By Jackson Advocate News Service
September 17, 2021