JPS wasting no time addressing potential testing irregularities

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JANS – Just off taking a bow for high performance on state assessments, seven JPS principals were put on administrative leave last week while potential testing irregularities at their schools are investigated. 

JPS maintains this is an isolated incident and should not be inferred as a district-wide problem. Schools in question are: Marshall Elementary, Dawson Elementary, Wilkins Elementary, Lanier High, Peeples Middle, Lester Elementary, and McLeod Elementary.

The testing irregularities were identified by Cavan, Inc., the system that the Mississippi Department of Education uses to help to ensure the assessment results are valid and reliable.

“We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of our education system and ensuring a fair and equitable environment for all students,” said Board of Trustees President Dr. Ed Sivak. “We wanted to address recent concerns that have come to our attention regarding potential testing irregularities within our school district. Upon learning of testing irregularities associated with the 2022/2023 Mississippi Academic Assessment Program, the Jackson Public Schools administration acted swiftly to launch a comprehensive investigation.

“The Board of Trustees was quickly informed of the matter, and is united in its support for Superintendent Dr. Errick L. Greene and has full confidence in the process he has outlined to surface findings in an equitable, transparent, and timely manner.” 

According to Dr. Greene, “Our dedication to fostering academic excellence has yielded impressive results, evident in our recent accomplishments in Science and Math proficiency. Our Science proficiency has surged to an exceptional 43.8%, marking an impressive 11% increase from the prior year.  This remarkable achievement extends a two-year trend of improvement, which has seen a cumulative increase of 25%. 

“Equally remarkable is our performance in Math, where our proficiency has risen to 30.8%, signifying a commendable 9% gain from the previous year. This achievement mirrors a consistent two-year trend of improvement, showcasing an overall rise of 22%. 

“I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to each scholar and teacher who has tirelessly dedicated themselves to these accomplishments.”

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JPS wasting no time addressing potential testing irregularities

By Jackson Advocate News Service
August 28, 2023