Joint statement from the City of Jackson and JXN Water

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“The City of Jackson and JXN Water share the common goal of restoring confidence in drinking water flowing from the tap, however, the Mississippi Department of Health consistently recommends that vulnerable citizens in Jackson drink filtered water. The City understands that based on current test results, some citizens feel comfortable drinking water directly from the tap, but also understands that many still prefer filtered water. JXN Water conducts extensive testing daily to ensure your water is safe to drink. Most of this testing is done right here in Jackson by highly-trained Jacksonians. They care about your water because it’s their water, too!  

It is the responsibility of JXN Water to provide high-quality drinking water and protect public health. Whether drinking water directly from the tap or through a filter, the City of Jackson wants to protect the integrity of the City’s drinking water. The City supports the progress being made by JXN Water at both the water treatment plants and within the distribution system, and will continue to provide accurate information regarding the status of the City’s drinking water.”

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Joint statement from the City of Jackson and JXN Water

By Jackson Advocate News Service
June 22, 2023