Jenkins, Parker gone; pressure builds to force Sheriff Bailey to resign

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JANS – “A long overdue action was taken this week with the firing of the Rankin County, Mississippi, sheriff’s deputies involved in the torture and shooting of Michael Jenkins and Eddie Parker,” said attorney Malik Shabazz, representing Black Lawyers for Justice and plaintiffs Michael Jenkins and Eddie Parker. “This is a significant action on the path to justice for one of the worst law enforcement tragedies in recent memory.”

The push now is for criminal indictments of the deputies from the Attorney General of the State of Mississippi and criminal indictments by the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, says Shabazz.

“Sheriff Bryan Bailey has finally acted after supporting much of the bloodshed that has occurred under his reign in Rankin County. The next credible and honorable step for him is to resign or to be ousted,” he said.

Co-counsel Trent Walker added, “I have lived in Rankin County all my life. These firings are unprecedented.  Finally, the window to justice may possibly be opening in Rankin County.”

A $400M compensatory and punitive damages lawsuit was filed earlier this month demanding the firing of Sheriff Bailey and the indictment of all deputies involved in the injury case.

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Jenkins, Parker gone; pressure builds to force Sheriff Bailey to resign

By Jackson Advocate News Service
July 3, 2023