James Woods Jr. announces candidacy for Mississippi House of Representatives District 27

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James Woods Jr. (Photo: Kwame Shakur)

Camden, Mississippi – On March 18, 2023, James Woods Jr. made his official announcement at Sulphur Springs Park alerting the constituents of Madison, Leake, Yazoo, and Attala counties that he is making his bid to become the next legislator in the Mississippi House of Representatives (District 27).

James Woods Jr. is a 43-year-old native of Mississippi, born in Winona, and a graduate of Velma Jackson High School. He is married to the former Alberlynne “Abby” Harris, and they are now homeowners in Leake County. The Woods also own and operate Quartermain Media, LLC in Los Angeles, California. Woods is the son of Mary and James Woods Sr., longtime residents of Leake County. In 2019, James and his wife returned to Mississippi to take care of his father who had suffered a heart attack and stroke.

Upon his father’s recovery, James took a long hard look at the needs and conditions of his environment and made an assessment of Mississippi’s District 27. He then decided that he could make a significant impact towards bringing change within the district as its representative. A few of Woods’ goals are to advocate for high-tech manufacturing jobs, increase technology-center educational opportunities, and develop training programs for all the people of the district.   As the next State Representative in District 27, Woods says that he would fight for the district to have access to better healthcare systems and improvement and expansion of broadband internet service with more state and federal funding.   

Woods has invested in District 27 by becoming a member of the Carthage Rotary Club;  he was nominated by former Mayor Mary Ann Vivians. And, he was approved by the Carthage city council members to be a board member of Prairie Opportunity, a nonprofit that serves the elderly and low-income families. He has earned a bachelor’s degree in university studies from Ole Miss and is currently working towards a Master of Public Administration at Belhaven University in Jackson.  

Additionally, Woods has gained specific skill sets and experience as 1st and 2nd assistant camera operator and camera utility operator. He has worked on major commercials, television, and film productions to elevate independent production projects of Quartermain Media, LLC where he serves as the founder, president, and CEO. Through technology, he is able to conduct Quartermain Media, LLC business remotely.

In his official campaign announcement, Woods stated, “I have new ideas, a concerted desire, and faith that I can bring about measurable changes through networking and understanding the needs of the people in Madison, Leake, Yazoo, and Attala counties. Our young children, teenagers, young adults, and seniors deserve equal education to be able to access and utilize resources that are presently available and future innovations that can be a part of the landscape, even in rural communities not just in larger cities. I plan to make the four-lane expansion of highways connecting Vaiden to Forest and Canton’s highway (16) to Philadelphia a high priority when I’m elected. 

“I cannot bring about changes in District 27 alone…I need volunteers, boots-on-the-ground support, your prayers to make concrete changes and to keep all citizens of District 27 engaged, informed, and aware of what their state representative is doing on their behalf.  It’s going to take all of us working together to have a strong voice in the Mississippi State Legislature. I pledge to work relentlessly for the betterment of the lives in District 27 but the reality is I need your votes.…Vote James Woods Jr. because  ‘It’s All On Us!’”

To offer your services as a volunteer for the election of James Woods Jr. as Mississippi State Representative (District 27), please email james@votejameswoodsjr.com and/or visit www.voteforjameswoodsjr.com. Look for the QR Code on the website to make donations to the campaign.

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James Woods Jr. announces candidacy for Mississippi House of Representatives District 27

By Brinda Fuller Willis
March 23, 2023