It’s time for us to gather at the Christmas table

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By Deborah L. Hunter

JA Guest Writer

As I removed the last batch of chocolate chip pecan Christmas cookies from the oven I baked to share with friends and family, I glanced over at the holiday table, and instantly my heart was filled with so many joyful memories of Christmases past. Those times when my mother and grandmother were in charge of setting the beautiful table and sharing their delicious treasures of a well-seasoned traditional menu that included all of my favorites — ham and turkey, green bean casserole, creamy mac & cheese, savory turnip greens, and some of the best southern dressing you ever had. The desserts seemed endless – buttermilk pound cake; German chocolate and red velvet cakes; and coconut, pecan, and sweet potato pies. 

I would marvel at how hard they worked to ensure everything was done to the highest standard, so everyone would enjoy dinner and our time together. They also made sure there was enough food for each one to have seconds and thirds, as well as share with unexpected guests. And no matter who stopped by, room was made at the table for them to feel like family.

I didn’t realize just how important the gathering at the Christmas table was until it was my turn to set the table. Suddenly, everything my mother and grandmother had taught me about serving others during the holiday season had a new meaning. It was never about the menu, or the decor, but the gathering around the Christmas table was and should always be a place where every guest feels the gifts of love, kindness, joy, hope, and acceptance in overflow.

After all, that’s what the birth of Christ is all about. It is why he came and the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place. 

So as you go about your way, planning your holiday tables and menus, plan them in the spirit of God’s love for yourself and others, and serve every guest with a heart full of grace! 

Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and a Blessed New Year!

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It’s time for us to gather at the Christmas table

By Jackson Advocate News Service
December 27, 2023