Happy 60th Anniversary

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Corinne Williams Anderson was born in Yazoo City, and Henry (Hank) Charles Anderson was born in Cary, MS where he spent his early years in Greenville, MS. Both attended high school in Chicago, where they met, married, and began their family life. Corinne and Hank have six children (Darnail, Betty, Cathy, Michael, Marsha, and Martin), ten grandchildren (Latoya, Michelle, Darius, Reggie, Auston, Ryan, Regan, Spencer, Andrew, and Loren) and two great-grandchildren (Gabrielle Cera and Jaxon).

Hank is a retired Administration Manager from I.B.M. where he spent a tour of duty in Chicago, IL; Harrisburg, PA; Atlanta, GA; and Jackson, MS. He served the State of Mississippi under the Ray Mabus Administration as Executive Director of General Services in the Governor’s Office. Hank also served as Bureau Director of the Office of Rehabilitative Services for the Mississippi State Department of Health and Human Services. Hank is a member of Cade Chapel Baptist Church. He also served as a part-time business manager of Cade Chapel Baptist Church, where he served as chairman of the Trustee Board and president of the Cade Chapel Family Life Center Board of Directors. He was a long-serving member of the Brotherhood Association and Sunday School class. In the community, he has worked tirelessly in the neighborhood and has served a term as president of the Woodhaven Homeowners Association.

Corinne has served as a teacher and educator for the last 50 years in grades kindergarten through graduate school in four states: Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Mississippi. After returning to Mississippi, she received the first doctoral degree issued at Jackson State University. She has taught at Copiah-Lincoln Community College, the Piney Woods Country Life School, Jackson State University, and Tougaloo College. She is a former Dean of Education, Special Assistant to the President, and Vice President of Academic Affairs/Provost, Tougaloo College.

Henry and Corinne have been involved in city, county, state, national, and international affairs since returning to Jackson. She holds memberships in a number of organizations and has served in many local and national leadership positions in those organizations (National Coalition of 100 Black Women, American Association of University Women, MS Association of Developmental Educators, MS Reading Association, International Reading Association, Phi Delta Kappa, Federation of Democratic Women, to name a few). She has been a member of Holy Family Catholic Church since 1979 and has served as the director of the Religious Education Program, president of the Pastoral Council, chair of the Liturgy Committee, and officer and member of the Holy Family Ladies’ Guild.

The couple is well-travelled and spent several years in Monrovia, Liberia, where Dr. Corinne Anderson was employed by the Liberia Teacher Training Program, a USAID-sponsored program. The program began in 2007 with the Academy for Educational Development and Mississippi Consortium or International Development (MCID), as a key partner.

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Happy 60th Anniversary

By Jackson Advocate News Service
October 28, 2021