‘God’s grace changed the path of my life forever’

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My name is Haley Allen and I am 27 years old. I serve as the transitional living director at Beauty from Ashes in Magee, MS and as the Young Adult leader at Waco Church of God in Mize, MS. I also have the privilege to work as the intake coordinator for our men and women’s addiction recovery centers known as Beauty from Ashes and Voice of Hope. I have had the honor of working in addiction recovery for over three years. 

I am a licensed exhorter in the Church of God and I am currently enrolled in the Ministry Internship Program through the Church of God to work towards getting my credentials as a licensed minster.

I am also an intro student in the Southern Miss Social Work program in Hattiesburg, Ms.

I share these accomplishments not to brag on the things I’ve done and am currently doing, but to give ALL HONOR AND GLORY to God.  I will complete 4 years of sobriety on April 29, 2024. This will make four years since I was arrested. I entered Jacob’s Well Recovery Center for Women on May 4, 2020, under a year long court order and my life has never been the same. This means that it has also been 4 years since I surrendered my life to the Lord and became free from all the bondage that I carried around for many years. God’s grace changed the path of my life forever. 

I was a drug addict for several years, and I battled with my mental health for even longer than that. It is only by the grace of God and a community of believers that I am able to continue on this journey. At one point in my life I was lost, alone, and couldn’t see a future. Now I know and trust that my future is in God’s hands. I am thankful that God seen me in my despair and placed me in a place full of love and acceptance. Without faith-based recovery, I wouldn’t know what it means to serve a God of unconditional love while being involved in a community of people that encourage me and love me on a day to day basis. I am so thankful for the opportunity to share my testimony and to help build a bridge of hope between faith and mental health.

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‘God’s grace changed the path of my life forever’

By Jackson Advocate News Service
April 29, 2024