Entergy Mississippi commits $1.5 million to help with high bills

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JANS – As summer temperatures approach, and energy usage rises, Entergy Mississippi is making a $1.5 million commitment to help customers manage their energy bills. The effort is an extension of the company’s Operation Bill Assist, a $3.2 million pledge launched in 2022 to offset high bills brought on by increased natural gas prices.

Funded by Entergy shareholders, the additional commitment includes $1 million in free energy efficiency kits; more than $520,000 in emergency bill assistance for older adults and customers with disabilities; and 100 community events in honor of the company’s centennial anniversary.

“We’re continuing to give back to our customers because we know there are multiple factors that can affect their bills,” said Haley Fisackerly, Entergy Mississippi president and CEO. “We hope these tools and services will help our customers, especially those in vulnerable communities, save money.”

Available to all customers, the energy efficiency kits, combined with Entergy’s available online tools, can save customers as much as $300 annually. In honor of Entergy Mississippi’s 100th anniversary, the company will partner with community action agencies, non-profits, schools, and others to volunteer and distribute the free kits at 100 community events this year. Customers can also order a kit for free at www.msentergysolutions-marketplace.com.

“Strong and vibrant communities are a key component in Entergy’s path to becoming the premier utility,” said Drew Marsh, Entergy chairman and CEO. “We want our customers to be successful and our shareholders are making a significant impact in Mississippi by extending their help. Because when customers thrive, so do our communities.”

The emergency bill assistance will be administered through Entergy’s The Power to Care program (https://www.entergy.com/care/), in partnership with the Salvation Army.

In addition to devoting these resources to help customers manage high bills, Entergy Mississippi has implemented several money-saving strategies to benefit customers, including:

• Spreading costs over time to help customers budget for higher bills caused by increased natural gas prices.

• Streamlining the company’s operational costs.

• Shifting dependence on natural gas by including new and varied power sources in our generation portfolio.

All Entergy charitable contributions come from shareholder profit, not from customers. No costs associated with Entergy charitable contributions are passed through to customers.

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Entergy Mississippi commits $1.5 million to help with high bills

By Jackson Advocate News Service
May 15, 2023