Dr. Kimberly Wade awarded training scholarship

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Dr. Kimberly Wade

JANS – Dr. Kimberly Wade, assistant professor of Care Planning and Restorative Sciences in the School of Dentistry at UMMC, has been awarded a scholarship to attend a professional development academy through the Council on Dental Education and Licensure.

Wade has received a tuition scholarship to attend the 2023 Academy for Advancing Leadership’s Institute for Teaching and Learning. The scholarship was established by the council to recognize members who are pursuing careers in academia, and it gives the council an opportunity to support the professional development of dental faculty members.

The academy program is set for August 13-16 in Chicago. The council is an arm of the American Dental Education Association.

“I’ll be attending classes on teaching a new teacher how to be a great teacher, and to give guidance to someone who doesn’t have a background in dental education,” said Wade, who chairs the School of Dentistry’s Integrated Patient Care department, or IPC.

She will also learn how to use end-of-semester student evaluations to improve her courses. “A lot of the time, someone will get that feedback and say, ‘now what?’” she said. “This will teach us how to improve our courses going forward so that students will get a more meaningful experience.”

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Dr. Kimberly Wade awarded training scholarship

By Jackson Advocate News Service
July 3, 2023