Developer Richard Bradley named JSU homecoming grand marshal

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JSU Vice President of Athletics and Athletic Director Ashley Robinson (left) and alum Richard Bradley were all smiles at the ESPN Welcome Reception in Atlanta during the MEAC/SWAC Challenge. (Photo: William H. Kelly, III/JSU)

JANS – Jackson State University alum, entrepreneur, contractor, and philanthropist Richard Bradley will serve as grand marshal of JSU’s homecoming parade on Saturday, Oct. 14, in downtown Jackson, kicking off at 8 a.m. This year’s homecoming theme is “Thee Legacy Continues.”

“To be selected as the grand marshal for the Jackson State homecoming parade is such an honor,” said Bradley, a 2001 graduate of the HBCU.

As the chief culture officer (CCO) of A3 Consulting, Bradley has been building his legacy in the capital city for over 15 years. His company specializes in project management, business marketing, and operations. The CCO said he is committed to serving Jackson residents and aims to inspire.

“[With me] being from the city of Jackson gives kids hope and being able to come in and do economic development throughout the city when it comes to [recreation] leagues, when it comes to parks, or when it comes to anything that can change the culture of a community,” shared Bradley while supervising a job site his company is demoing. The West Jackson space is the future home of a youth community center and retail outlet in West Jackson for the Erick Dampier Foundation.

“We are proud to have Richard as grand marshal of our homecoming parade. One aspect of homecoming is coming back and giving back. Richard exhibits this spirit as an alum in all he does – from philanthropy to service. He is uplifting our university and the community by investing his resources and leading by example,” said Acting President Elayne Hayes-Anthony, Ph.D. “We are grateful for alums such as him and the many others who help continue ‘Thee JSU Legacy.’” 

During the city’s sanitation crises, the JSU alum organized his crew and used his company’s resources to ensure those in most need continued to receive waste disposal services.

“When the community cries out, we’re here to serve. People are out sitting on their porches, and they are anxious about what will happen next. It’s just an unknown. That’s what we’re here for, to come out and support the citizens, support the communities that have helped build us up as small businesses that have been in this community for over 40 years,” he explained. 

Bradley, also the CEO of Metropolitan Bar and Grille (MBar), said that being of service is the legacy he hopes to leave for his three children. He lives by his motto, “progressing communities forward through education, development, and leadership.”

“I think that’s the most important thing. Being a philanthropist here in the city and the state of Mississippi, you want people to remember what you did for the community, how you changed or affect[ed] people’s lives, how you made a difference in the community, and doing things that will be remembered hundreds of years from now,” he said.

Bradley is a former championship forward for the JSU Tigers Basketball Team and a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. For three years, he served as assistant coach of the JSU Women’s Basketball Team under the leadership of Head Coach Tomekia Reed.

“Being able to come back and give back to the student-athletes to let them understand that, even though you’re here to play basketball, you got to make sure that you get your education and do things the right way and that life is real,” he said. “So, the decisions you make once you’re in college determine where you’ll be once you leave college and matriculate into your career. That was probably the best time at Jackson State for me because I was actually affecting and changing lives.”

As a staunch JSU supporter, Bradley hosts fundraisers for the university’s athletic program. The most recent one, held by Acting President Elayne Hayes-Anthony, Ph.D., at Bradley’s entertainment venue, the MBar, netted over $300,000.

“Richard is a longtime friend of the university and the Division of Athletics. He does not hesitate to contribute his time and energy to ensure our student-athletes have what is necessary to be contenders on the field and in life,” says JSU Vice President of Athletics and Athletic Director Ashley Robinson. “What he is doing to revitalize his hometown should be celebrated and congratulated. I think his character, work ethic, and contributions to Jackson State warrant the honor of Grand Marshal, and we are glad to have him represent JSU in this fashion.” 

Bradley shares that he wants his children to learn from his example and is working to create a better Jackson for his family and its residents.  

“I believe that no matter where you live, people desire and deserve a great quality of life. I believe that construction and entertainment are two areas that can impact the quality of life in any environment. So, that’s what we focus on, and that’s why I went into the business of contracting and entertainment,” says Bradley, who emphasizes that people need places to unwind and relax after working long hours.

“Throughout the city, as a native, I want others to see the potential of my hometown. 

The city of Jackson has many areas within it that can be considered ‘hidden jewels.’ As a contractor, I am committed to staying here and working to revitalize these areas. That makes a difference. The quality of life is what we’re working toward to change the community here in Jackson.”

Jackson State’s homecoming is Oct. 7-14, and Bradley is looking forward to the reconnection it brings.

“When homecoming comes around, you get a chance to see those people you’ve known for 20 to 30 years. It’s a wonderful opportunity to reflect and nurture those relationships and appreciate the people you’ve met in your life that began at ‘my dear ole college home.’”

The deadline to register for the JSU homecoming parade ( is Sunday, Sept. 17. After the 17th, a late fee will be added and the entry fee will increase. Final parade registration is Saturday, Sept 30.

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Developer Richard Bradley named JSU homecoming grand marshal

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September 18, 2023