DA Senior Investigator Eddie Robinson to retire after 35 years of service to Hinds County

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JANS – Hinds County District Attorney’s Office Senior Criminal Investigator, Eddie Robinson announced his retirement following a distinguished law enforcement career spanning over three decades.

Beginning his career with the International Airport Police in 1988, Robinson, of Edwards, MS, joined the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department in 1991. 

Robinson began his career with the Sheriff’s Department in the Hinds County Detention Center but was quickly moved to the patrol and then, in 1995, was promoted to criminal investigations where he would remain for 15 years, conducting high level criminal investigations.  

In 2009, Robinson was recruited by then District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith to join the District Attorney’s Office, bringing his knowledge and experience to felony prosecutions.  

“Having a criminal investigator of Robinson’s caliber and experience was critical to the success of our first term of office,” DA Jody Owens said.  “Investigator Robinson’s career is a testament of service to the citizens of Hinds County.”

“The Hinds County District Attorney’s Office sincerely thanks Senior Investigator Robinson for his unwavering commitment to the safety and justice of Hinds County,” added DA Owens. “We wish him continued happiness and prosperity on his retirement!”

“When I was a young police officer with the Sheriff’s Department, I learned what I needed to do to be a good investigator,” Robinson said. “When I came to the DA’s Office, I wanted to continue to instill learning and information needed to prosecute a case and secure a victory.” 

When asked what advice he would give to a new investigator, Robinson said, “Once you make an arrest on case, that’s when the investigation starts, and it doesn’t stop. It is your responsibility to carry the investigation forward to indictment and ultimately to trial, ensuring that the prosecutors have the evidentiary tools to succeed.”   

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DA Senior Investigator Eddie Robinson to retire after 35 years of service to Hinds County

By Jackson Advocate News Service
January 1, 2024